AMATERAS DEX Farm/Pool function finally launched!

3 min readOct 30, 2021

The Farm/Pool feature of AMATERAS DEX has finally launched!

Since we released the Swap feature in September, the token Swap, Pool, and Farm are now available in AMATERAS DEX.

What is the latest feature of AMATERAS?

The new Farm/Pool feature will allow users to earn more $AMT, which you can use to buy and trade NFTs in the future.

Farm: Users can earn $AMT by depositing $AMT/$BNB or $AMT/$BUSD LP tokens into the Farm.

Pool: By depositing $AMT, you can earn more $AMT with low risk.

How to use AMATERAS Farm/Pool function?

  1. On the Swap screen, select $BNB in the upper row and $AMT in the lower row, decide the quantity, and click “Swap.”

2. On the Liquidity screen, you will pair $BNB and $AMT for liquidity supply.

Liquidity supply is depositing a pair of cryptos to be the same value, such as $BNB/$AMT. If this is your first time to supply liquidity, you will need to “Approve” the process.

After the liquidity supply is complete, you will receive an LP token, like a certificate that you have provided liquidity. In the next Farm screen, you can deposit the LP token and get the $AMT reward.

3. Deposit the $BNB/$AMT LP token on the Farm screen.

You can earn $AMT by depositing the LP tokens you obtained. After a certain number of $AMT are accumulated, you can “Harvest” them.

4. Use the Pool to increase the amount of $AMT you have earned on the Farm.

Go to the Pool screen; you can deposit the $AMT you have and earn $AMT even more.

You can also harvest the $AMT you have earned by clicking on the “Harvest” button.


AMATERAS is a comprehensive platform based on Binance Smart Chain that can issue, display, and trade NFT assets and integrate gameplay and a complete customer service system. We will also bring in DAO (voting rights) for governance and decision-making regarding the platform’s future.

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