AMATERAS is now listed on Coin Market Cap!

2 min readOct 5, 2021

AMATERAS is now listed on Coin Market Cap!

Being listed on CoinMarketCap is an essential guide for investors. In addition, many individual and institutional investors will be able to see the price of AMATERAS, and the price will gradually be displayed on the wallets you are using.

What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap is the most authoritative price tracking website in the crypto asset space, launched in 2013. It has become an essential source of information for many individual and institutional investors and the media because it always displays the latest prices in real-time.

The main page shows market capitalization, price, volume, supply, and price fluctuations over 24 hours. The site also provides detailed information on the listed crypto assets.

What’s New on AMATERAS?

AMATERAS is now listed on the CMC, but that’s not the only update.

We are planning to launch AMATERAS Swap shortly.

AMATERAS Swap will allow users to exchange BEP20 tokens and liquidity mining as well. There will be many more updates to come. Please look forward to them.


AMATERAS is a comprehensive platform based on Binance Smart Chain that can be used to issue, display, and trade NFT assets and integrate gameplay and a complete customer service system. In addition, DAO (voting) will be cited for governance and decision-making regarding the future of the platform.

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NFT Marketplace, NFT Gacha, NFT Staking, Swap, Farming pool all in one. There is a world as far as the eye can see.