⛩AMATERAS Summer Festival⛩

1 min readAug 16, 2021



AMATERAS is a comprehensive platform based on Binance Smart Chain that can be used to issue, display, and trade NFT assets, and integrate gameplay and a complete customer service system. In addition, regarding the future of the platform, DAO (voting) will be cited for governance and decision-making.

AMATERAS Summer Festival⛩

Start date: August 16(Mon),9:00 UTC Ends: August 29(Sun),9:00 UTC

A total of 2,000 lucky winners will each receive 39 AMATERAS $AMT.

Complete the tasks below to join the Summer Festival!

👉Airdrop Link: Click here

⛩Join on Telegram channel.

⛩Follow us on Twitter

⛩Like & Quote Tweet the pinned post. Tag 3 Friends + Hashtag #AMATERAS $AMT #Airdrop #BSC #NFT #天照夏祭

⛩ Then submit the BSC wallet address.

⛩ A total of 2,000 lucky winners will each receive 39 AMATERAS.

⚠️Note: Details of the airdrop distribution date will be announced later.

For more AMATERAS information, please refer to the following:

Telegram (Announcement) /https://t.me/amatereras

Twitter :https://twitter.com/Amateras_app

Medium /https://medium.com/@amateras-io




NFT Marketplace, NFT Gacha, NFT Staking, Swap, Farming pool all in one. There is a world as far as the eye can see.