AMATERAS to Finally Launch NFT feature

3 min readDec 20, 2021

AMATERAS, named after the Sun God, is a DeFi x NFT x GameFi project on the BSC. We provide cute NFT characters and a way to earn money through NFT combine, staking, and farming.

We have been launching AMATERAS DEX since September 2021 and have released the Swap, Stake, and Farm features. And now, we are happy to announce that the “NFT” feature will finally be released!

The NFT market has grown significantly this year. As shown in a recent report published by CointTelegraph ( -Cointelegraph-research), the total NFT revenue in 2020 was $340 million, while in 2021, it is already over $9 billion.

However, there are still some issues with NFT. Firstly, NFT has been gaining momentum since last year, led by CryptoPunks, but some enthusiasts buy them at incredibly high prices for collection purposes. Another unresolved issue is the difficulty of general users to participate in NFT games. Many NFT-based games have gacha, but the issues such as no rare items with gatcha keep general users away from participating.

AMATERAS will have the following features in light of these issues, aiming to become a platform where anyone can easily participate.

・OMIKUJI (Gatcha)

OMIKUJI is a Japanese fortune slip, similar to a fortune cookie. In this OMIKUJI, players can roll 5BUSD gacha with the price getting higher the more players to roll. The NFTs that appear in the OMIKUJI divide into six levels of rarity: N, R, SR, SSR, UR, and GOD.

・NFT Mining

Each NFT has a parameter called “Mining Power”. By mining, players can get $AMT instead of burning NFTs.

・NFT Combine

NFT can combine by collecting them according to a theme. The NFTs generated by combine have a higher rarity and high-mining power.

・NFT Farming

In NFT Farming, players can earn BUSD by depositing the combined highest-ranked NFT. This BUSD is a return of a part of the platform’s revenue.


A part of the platform’s revenue will be accumulated in the BONUS POOL, and players can receive a predetermined percentage of BUSD by burning the combined highest-ranked NFT.

Players can earn mining rewards by collecting, combining NFT to get a part of the platform revenue back. The NFTs players obtained can be bought and sold on the AMATERAS marketplace. So let’s collect the NFTs to combine and utilize farming, bonus pools to earn massive rewards! The Psychological warfare that requires collection skills begins now!

Next, we plan to collaborate with the GameFi project and other IPs to utilize NFT further and create synergies.


AMATERAS is a comprehensive platform based on Binance Smart Chain that can be used to issue, display, and trade NFT assets and integrate gameplay and a complete customer service system. In addition, DAO (voting) will be cited for governance and decision-making regarding the future of the platform.

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