PancakeSwap adds AMATERAS Liquidity Pool on BSC🥞⛩

PancakeSwap adds AMATERAS $AMT Live now!!

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AMATERAS is a comprehensive platform based on Binance Smart Chain that can be used to issue, display, and trade NFT assets, and integrate gameplay and a complete customer service system. In addition, regarding the future of the platform, DAO (voting) will be cited for governance and decision-making.


The platform’s NFT assets will be issued in the form of boxes.

Purchased boxes are displayed in MYPAGE and can be manipulated by clicking on them (can be used for mining, combos, auctions, secondary sales, etc. with STAKING).


40% of the sales amount used to purchase the NFT blind box will be placed in the BONUS POOL. By combining NFT assets, users will receive additional BONUS POOL rewards at different rates.


・Diversified NFT exchange functions such as market-place and auctions will be gradually opened.

・By staking NFT, you can obtain currency AMT, which can be used to participate in liquidity mining.

◆AMATERAS Token info

TotalSupply:100,000,000 AMT

Type:BSC (BEP 20)



For more AMATERAS information, please refer to the following:

Telegram (Announcement) /

Twitter :

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